CRABSHELL RECORDS CDs are available from Crabshell Records, 30 Linhey Close, Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7 1LL (+44 (0)7975 763167). All cost £10 collected, or £12 with P&P (£14.50 abroad). Cash please or sterling cheque payable to “Crabshell Records” with your order. If you wish to pay by bank transfer details are available on request from HERE. (Crabshell Records is a not-for-profit Unincorporated Association. Any money raised after expenses will be used to support traditionally based music played in and around the South Hams)
Silvington CBL211 "A Liverpool Packet", Silvington's latest CD is terrific. I grew up in the Wirral and every song brought back a memory. I played it non stop all the way to Surrey and back" (Wendy)

CBL051 IRINA: During the first covid-19 lockdown in the UK, Crabshell Records was pleased to record this CD for Irina Kosogova. Growing up in the historic walled city of Pskov in northwest Russia – birthplace of Mussorgsky and inspiration to Rimsky-Korsakov - Irina was the first member of her family to become a professional musician. She graduated from St. Petersburg State University and follows in the rich tradition of classically trained Russian pianists.Having settled in Devon in 2006, she now teaches at Plymouth College and is much in demand for piano recitals all over the West Country, especially since she has expanded her repertoire beyond the traditional classical, to include jazz, blues, ragtime and contemporary popular music.She is the accompanist to the Stanborough Chorus in Kingsbridge, and regularly plays at the Burgh Island Hotel. Tracks: 1. Sweet Remembrance Op 9 No 1:Mendelssohn 2. Sonata in C minor Op13 Adagio:
Beethoven 3. Valse Chromatique: Godard 4. A Reverie Op 85 No 1: Mendelssohn5. Impromptu Op 90 No 2: Schubert 6. Intermezzo Op 118 No 2: Brahms 7. Valse Chromatique: Lavelle 8. Liebesleid: Rachmaninoff 9. Prelude Op 3 No 2: Rachmaninoff 10. A long time ago Op 72: Tchaikovsky 11. Nocturne Op 2 No 1: Chopin 12. Medley: Over the Rainbow: Arlen and Harburg; The Dancing Years: Novello; Moon River: Mancini.
CBL412 EMILY-PAIGE "Emily Paige". Kingston's budding songbird Emily-Paige Worthington first came on to the scene at an open mic session at the Dolphin Inn, Kingston at the tender age of 13. She has since developed into a fine interpreter of a wide ranging repertoire of songs. Her choice of material and clear voice demonstrate a maturity beyond her years. Crabshell Records is proud to provide a platform for her eagerly-awaited debut album "Emily-Paige"..
Your Song; Stand By Me; Another Suitcase In Another Hall; Killing Me Softly; Caravans: Vincent; All Shook Up; Can’t Help Falling In Love; In These Shoes; Lovin’ Arms; Son Of A Preacher Man; There’s A Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis
CBL411 Silvington HOTEL ON THE ISLAND (Single POA)
Evening gowns, sable stoles, top hat, white tie and tails
Patent shoes, leather soles, shirt studs and polished nails
We’re stepping out in style, so debonair and chic
I’m basking in your smile, and dancing cheek to cheek
In the hotel on the island, where dreams can all come true
In the hotel on the island, I fell in love with you
I fell in love with you
Starry night, candlelight, oysters and pink champagne
Al Bowlly croons romantic tunes, and so we dance again
I’m floating in your arms, a magic carpet ride
I’m falling for your charms, it cannot be denied
A stolen kiss, heaven’s bliss, your lips the sweetest wine
A moonlit walk, we softly talk, I feel your hand in mine
I’m walking in the air, I hear an angel choir
There’s nothing can compare, this is my heart’s desire
Wrapped in a rug, we kiss and hug on a bench out on the lawn
To our surprise, the night just flies, we’ve talked right through till dawn
We’re making future plans, two hearts in harmony
Our life is in our hands, this love was meant to be
Love is the greatest thing, the oldest yet the latest thing
I only hope that fate may bring
Love’s story to you
Love is the sweetest thing
John Connor / Ray Noble
CBL401 Silvington: "HEVA HEVA" The title of Silvington's fourth album comes from the words shouted by the huer when a shoal of pilchard was spotted. It means literally “Here they are”. They thought it was a good way to introduce their collection of new songs, so, here they are, or as they say in Devon, “Yer ‘tis” TRACKS: 1 Heva Heva 3.49 John Connor 2 Ten Shilling Smith 4.32 Tricia Moore/John Connor 3 Kathleen and Vincent 4.40 Tricia Moore 4 Tamara 3.36 Tricia Moore 5 Billy Boy 5.10 Tricia Moore/Marina Dewing 6 ‘Twas on one April Morning 4.14 Trad arr Tricia Moore/John Connor 7 Tiger 4.34 Tricia Moore/John Connor 8 The Hotel on the Island 4.47 John Connor/Ray Noble 9 Spirit of the River 5.00 Tricia Moore 10 Hallows Eve 2.56 Chris Hoban 11 Ivy 4.17 John Connor 12 Solomon Browne 3.23 Tricia Moore/John Connor 13 Homecoming 4.18 John Connor 14 Torridge’s Trail 4.48 Tricia Moore. TRACKS: Click HERE (Note that the 8pp booklet that comes with each gives full details of each song)
CBL304 OLD GAFFERS "Pull Boys Together"
Bound down Trinidad;Rolling Down to Old Maui;Rio Grande;One More Pull Boys;Canaan’s Land;NANCY-O;Stay up aloft Johnny;Heave Away Cheerily;Friends Anthem;The Last Longship;Sail Away Ladies;Paddy Lay Back;Being a Pirate;Tea & Coffee;Row on, Row on;Anderson’s Coast;Cheerily Man;Excursion Round the Bay;Good Day;Tomorrow;According to the Act
CBL201 "The Bonny Broom": Paul Reid. Paul's first album is a collection of songs with stories and good melodies, beautifully sung and accompanied by Paul, who is joined by friends on several tracks. Tastefully presented, this album is reminiscent of the 1970s although many of the songs go back a lot further thatn that. This is a magnificent addition to any serious folk lover's music collection. Paul will launch his CD on 28 March 2019 at the Crabshell Concert, in the meantime you can get a copy from Crabshell Records (HERE). Click on image to supersize.
CDL173 "A Song In Every Window" (A history of Plymouth in Song): Silvington.This album was released officially at a launch on 22 February 7.30pm. To order your copy online click HERE. This is a concept album and has received universal critical acclaim. Click on image to supersize.

CBL172 "Down the Line" Silvington. This is Silvington's second album. The title comes from the second track. A post WWII romance starts "down the line" .... a telephone conversation .....To see more details, click on image. The album features a mix of traditional, self penned and borrowed songs, all beautifully performed.

CBL171 "Where the Acorn Falls" Silvington. This debut album puts Silvington right at the heart of the local folk scene and will springboard them into a wider circle. It is a mix of self penned and traditional and contemporary songs. Biographical details of John Connor & tricia Moore are included in the comprehensive CD booklet and accompanying notes. For details of tracks, click on image.

CBL161 "The Royal Oak Sessions" Various artists. There are 23 tracks on this album. Most are traditional. The songs were recorded at live performances in 2004 on a sony mindisc and remastered and reissued on Crabshell Records in 2016. For more information click on the image.
CBL 151: "Bollards": LES NODEN and NIGEL STURE, two distinguished veterans of folk music in south Devon have released their first CD together as the popular duo, “Bollards”. Les Noden, a sometime trawlerman out of Brixham, has been recruited by many other prominent musicians for his playing, including Barbara Dixon, Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick and the Ian Campbell Folk Group. These days, apart from with Bollards, his music is made mainly as a regular member of the high profile five-piece ceiliidh band, “Piping Hot Music”, based in Torbay. Nigel Sture, a South Hams native, is on our reissued “Rumpus” CD album, "Songs of the South Devon Coast”, first released on tape in 1986.and both he and Les are on the Crabshell Records CD reissue, “Devil’s Footsteps”. TRACKS: Fish and Taters // St. Columb’s Sword • A Bunch of Thyme • Reaphook and Sickle • Shift and Spin • Jack Tarr • Princess Royal • Tilbury Town • Dorsetshire Hornpipe // The Steamboat • Bonny Barbary • Broomsberrow Heath Three-handed Reel // John Lockes’s Polka • The Final Trawl • The Curragh of Kildare • South Australia • Idbury Hill // The Bacca Pipes Jig • The Little Pot Stove • Jump at the Sun // The Carousel • Back Among the Mermaids • The Home Ruler // The Flowing Tide • When First I Came to Caledonia • The Primrose Polka
CBL 141: "Times Long Gone": THE OLD GAFFERS. Released in mid July, 2015, here’s our local shanty crew’s third and latest album. Of course, they are belting out the sea-going worksongs as ever but there are other songs of the sea here too. It should be said that if the crew of a wind powered square-rigger tried using some of these to coordinate their work some terrible tangles and mishaps would occur. But they are, nevertheless authentic songs of the days of sail and a few of more recent times too. Although some of these may be new writing they are no less authentic because their authors understand and empathise with the rigours, history and music of working the sea. This album finds a nicely judged balance between the sheer, boisterous attack of the old shanty worksongs and more contemplative regrets, appreciations and occasional celebrations. This is an album which could take the thoughtful listener through unexpected depths of insight and curiousity. TRACKS: Strike the Bell • Hob-y-derri-dando • Lowlands Away • Fire Down Below • Roll the Woodpile Down • Old Fid • Farewell to the Clan Line • Blood Red Roses • One Hundred Years Ago • The Capstan Bar • Spice Island • A Smuggler’s Song • Time Ashore is Over • Won’t You Help me to Raise ‘em Boys • Was it You? • Ten Stone • Ready for the Shout • Following the Same Star Home.
CBL 131: "Southern Belle": VIC WILCOX & JOHNNY KIMBLE. Vic - frailing open-back five-string banjo - and Johnny - on his pawn shop fiddle -  spread their authentic take on Appalachian old time music throughout the westcountry and beyond.Just released, this album is a treasure trove of the stirring music they make, capturing the excitement and sheer vigour of the music of the Mountains. Crabshell Records has been delighted to be able to work with them on the production of this disc. Like all our releases it sells at just ?10 (or ?12 with postage and packing).If you’re not too sure whether this is quite your kind of music, buy the disc, read the words, listen, and get hooked. Bluegrass it ain’t! TRACKS: Sadie at the Back Door • Shove the Pig’s Foot a Little Closer to the Fire • Lost Indian • Sail Away Ladies • Goodbye Girls, I’m Going to Boston • 28th of January • Mississippi Waltz • Cuckoo’s Nest • Sal’s Got Mud Between Her Toes • Southern Belle
CBL121: "Devil’s Footsteps": DEVIL’S FOOTSTEPS. First released in 1996 on tape cassette, Crabshell Records is privileged to reissue this fine local recording, repackaged in CD format. Kate Fincham-Powell leads on concertina with Nigel Sture in close attendance on melodeon and Les Noden stringing everything together on guitar. All three sing lead or harmony on seven of the tracks. This is a richly varied album drawing on a wide range of sources, and impeccably played. With nine of the tracks being medleys you'll actually get 24 tunes for your ?10. The band is called “Devil’s Footsteps" as each member had lived in places where the 1855 phenomenon was observed. For more about this, click on: Devil’s Hoofmarks. TRACKS: Fish and Taters Polka/St. Columb’s Sword; Jock Stewart; The Noble Dragoon/Wild Oats; The Cheerful Horn/Rosie; Roxborough Castle/When the Tide Comes In; Jim the Carter’s Lad; Seneca’s Reel/Flop Eared Mule; Steal Away; Monday Morning/Dribbles of Brandy; My Lady of Autumn; Dorsetshire Hornpipe/Steamboat; Reaphook and Sickle; Peeler Creek/Jean Pierre Ivere’s Waltz; Enrico/Fiddler’s Lock; The Bantry Girl’s Lament.
CBL111: "Sampler": CRABSHELL RECORDS. Released at Crabshell Records Showcase concert on 9 November 2014, this CD features tracks from those artists who have recorded for Crabshell Records. THE SAMPLER TRACKS: Little Pink: Alice Gerrard and Beverly Smith  John Lover’s Gone:  Kate Lissauer and Johnny Whelan  Lighthouse Song & AngelsThe Storm UK  Rattle Them Winches & Good Man John: The Old Gaffers  Farewell to Kingsbridge The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite: Rumpus Under the Boardwalk & Only You: IOWA 4 Cordelia Brown & The Bonny Bunch of Roses: Bull Pitch  This Land Eddie and Vera: John Connor Shady Grove & Dance All Night with the Fiddler’s Gal: Vic Wilcox
CBL909: " Deep Blue": THE STORM UK. The Storm UK are Ian Barnett, Ian Feetenby and Martin Jackson of Kingsbridge who continue to raise funds for local charities. This album is their second to be released towards helping to do just that. Except for their cover version of Dougie MacLean's "Ready for the Storm" (with his generous permission) every other track here has been written and composed by members of the band with songs imaginatively based on their deep appreciation of living with the sea on three sides of their homeland amongst the people of Devon, their foibles, pleasures and misfortunes. Those who have chosen to live here as well as those of us born here, are cultured by its essence, good natured on the surface but with rock hard unyielding edges. TRACKS: Call for the Lifeboat; If I Could I Would; Big Green One; Ready for the Storm; When the Boats All Went to War; Beautiful Days; The Duchess of Starehole Bay; Small Pale Hand; Sail Away; Busking with Mother (which might be unsuitable for youngsters).
CBL808: "Bullocks in the Blackdowns": VIC WILCOX. It has to be said, this is esoteric stuff: twenty-two tracks of unalleviated old time clawhammer 5-string banjo picking, also called ‘frailing’. However, this disc will provide an excellent companion for those who would like to play the style or improve their playing. Besides helping learners, and covering many familiarly standard tunes, it should also prove a useful source for the more experienced to add to their repertoire. The tracks are long enough to get the full flavour of how the melodies work but short enough not to pall. The tunes are grouped by key, for each of which the different banjo tunings are given. Vic plays clearly and distinctly, acknowledging Sara Grey as his early tutor and abiding inspiration. TRACKS: Key of A-modal: Shady Grove; Cluck Old Hen; Pretty Little Dog; Cottage in the Grove; Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies; Clinch Mountain Backstep; Sally in the Garden. Key of D: Frosty Morning; Bonaparte’s Retreat; Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss; Rockingham Cindy; Jay Bird. Key of A: Natural Bridge Blues; Boatman; Sandy River Belle; John Brown’s Dream; New River Train; Dance All Night with the Fiddler’s Gal; Seneca Square Dance; Lost Indian; Waterbound; Booth Shot Lincoln
CBL707: “Good Times”: JOHN CONNOR. Based in the South Hams, John Connor is steeped in the music of the tradition. A multi-instrumentalist, he is a sensitively imaginative songsmith who focuses on the mores of our times. Like others before him, he can certainly protest injustice tellingly; but he can also celebrate remarkable people, events and places and write moving ballads of love lost and gained. Some of his tunes are recognisable adaptations from the familiar tradition but most are newly original, flowing from his own well-honed musician’s ear. His range is well demonstrated in the twelve tracks here, sung with a light, true and relaxed voice against a remarkably varied range of his own instrumentation, multi-tracked by Martin Jackson at Up The Shed Studio, Kingsbridge. Just three tracks are also magically supported by the violin of young talent, Julia Disney, specially recorded for this album by Derry Jones in Halesowen. TRACKS: The Magdalene Laundry; Cardboard Town; Captain Campbell; Armistice; Eddie and Vera; The Wall; The Crossroads; This Land; Break the Chain; Way Out Here; Sarah’s Waltz/The Ordinary Life; Good Times.
CBL606: "Chewing the Cud" BULL PITCH. Imperfection is difficult to achieve purposely. Bull Pitch practised hard to get things right. Then they practised some more so that apparent mistakes, forgotten words and bum notes could be introduced to produce a distinctively, authentic sound. The original, live, hand-held tape-recording of these efforts was made at Dursley Folk Club in 1975. The recording has been digitised and remastered for this 2013 Crabshell Records reissue. Although this process has sensitively refrained from impairing the rustic reality, it has had to fudge over some snatches of sound which had somehow gone astray over thirty-eight years.The Band’s name derives from a street in Dursley, Gloucestershire; their Cotswolds base. The players are: Mike Challis, Bill Chugg, John Sobey and Paul Rossiter, now more widely spread than once they were, with the last named now firmly established playing his music amongst us here in south Devon. TRACKS: Landlord Fill the Flowing Bowl; St. Anne’s Reel; The Banks of Claudy; Cordelia Brown; Can’t You Dance the Polka; The Tailor’s Breeches; Just as the Tide Was Flowing; Nellie the Milkmaid; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; The Oak and the Ash. 
CBL505: “Ain’t Misbehavin’". IOWA 4. These four local blokes acquired their group name when they first started singing together for a Kingsbridge Amateur Theatre Society production. Ten years on, they continue to revel in doing a splendid job with their own unique and well honed take on traditional Barbershop, applied to some very familiar tunes. You might especially enjoy those passages where the voices make the instrumental accompaniment to the lyrics. TRACKS: Breaking up is hard to do; Catch a fallin’ star; Can you feel the love tonight; Yesterday; I wanna be like you; Ain’t misbehavin’; Only you; For the longest time; Under the boardwalk; Wonderful tonight; Bare necessities; (Is this the way to) Amarillo.
CBL404: "Songs of the South Devon Coast” RUMPUS. Crabshell Records is proud to have released a reissue on CD of this Rumpus album, originally issued on tape in 1986. It is a vividly varied celebration of our homeland. The CD cover picture is of the Herzogin Cecilie (not “Cecile”), famously wrecked off Soar in 1936. Also known as “The Duchess”, she features in the original, informative 1986 booklet which comes with the CD. Rumpus these days has moved on but the constant is local sqeezebox wizard, Nigel Sture.  Get up-to-date info at TRACKS: The Smuggler; Back Hand Shovel; Farewell to Kingsbridge; Herzogin Cecilie; Stepdance Tunes; High Barbaree; The Eddystone Light; Ferryboat Inn; The Gallant Frigate, Amphitrite; Woodland Flowers; HMS Ramillies; Dittisham Lad; Malborough Processional; The Gossamer; A Farmer’s Life.
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CBL404: "Songs of the South Devon Coast” RUMPUS (above) has been revised and reissued for 2015, dedicated to Bill ’Pop’ Hingston and Alan Boyce. The audio remains exactly the same but the packaging has been changed. Names of the band members have been added to the cover and disc; some track descriptions have been lightly revised and the back tray inlay has also had some additions made and omissions corrected. The major change, however, has been to the fourth page of the booklet insert, pictured here. This has been entirely rewritten with the former photographs deleted and four others substituted. Crabshell Records believes that these adjustments represent a much better reflection of the album.
CBL303: "Drake’s Drum” from The Old Gaffers, our ever popular and very busy local shanty crew with nineteen rousing songs of the sea. Their CDs are available at all Gaffers’ gigs, the Crabshell Inn, Crabshell Records or at Tracks: Whaling Johnny; Campanero; Mary Ellen Carter; No More Auction Block For Me; Don’t Take The Heroes; Haul Boys Haul; Billy O’Shea; Mollymauk; A Long Time Ago; Drake’s Drum; Shallow Brown; Willy Taylor; Rattle Them Winches; Capitaine de St. Malo; Good Man John; Andrew Rose; Barrett’s Privateers; Randy Dandy; O Farewell to the Master.
CBL202: “Into the Eye” from The Storm UK. These three Kingsbridge dwellers first got together to help raise funds for local charities. They have made this recording to help offset their expenses, leaving more to donate. They play only their own compositions and say, "What we play might be described as modern folk-roots music. All our songs are based on our individual experiences of living with the lovely landscape, waters and people of our Devon homeland, with an acute consciousness of its traditions, lore and legends.” TRACKS: Blackthorn (dark thoughts of a pale drink); Working the Sea (lauding our fishermen); Lighthouse Song (wistful jollity); Battle of the Gorge (dark-edged fantasy); Tall Ships (a seaside dreamworld); The GWR; (lamenting the Kingsbridge branch line); Angels (they’ve all gone to the pub); Eye of the Storm (you gotta have a storm song); Brittany (family tripping); Out to Sea (up-tempo misery).
CBL101: "The Crabshell Concerts 2005-2012" An hour of music from the tradition, generously donated by every act featured in 29 Crabshell Concerts. Some of the most admired and respected players from both sides of the Atlantic who, amongst them have sold out the Albert Hall; achieved championship honours; broken audience records; starred on TV and radio and accolades galore. Superb performers one and all, each has earned worldwide acclaim. Tracks: 1. Orpheus Supertones: Whole heap of little horses/Sarah Armstrong's Tune 2. Jeff Davis with Brian Peters: Doney Gal 3. Bayou Seco: Lonesome Cowgirl's Blues 4. Ira Bernstein and Riley Baugus: John Hardy 5. The Carrivick Sisters: The William and Emma 6. Jeff Warner: Crossing the Bar 7. Beverley Smith and Carl Jones: I'm going to the west 8. Albermarle Rangers: Black-Eyed Susie 9. Simon Mayor and Hilary James: If your kisses can't hold the man you love / Arrival of the Queen of Sheba 10. Debby McClatchy: Vandy Vandy 11. Phil Beer: Blind Fiddler 12. Julie Felix: La Barca de Oro 13. Pete Coe: Boston Burglar 14. Kate Lissauer: County Farm Blues 15. Sid Kipper: The Story of Oo 16. Sara Grey: Goodnight-Loving Trail 17. Tom, Brad & Alice: Lost John 18. Debby McClatchy: Cold Rain and Snow
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