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Over the years a number of videos have been taken of some of the singers and musicians who have performed in the South Hams. They can be found on Youtube. A small selection is given below. Many of these recordings were made by the late Chris Shipp
SILVINGTON We didn't know it at the time but 27 February was to be the last concert of the 2019-2020 winter series at the Crabshell Inn. It was fitting that Silvington filled the final spot before the lockdown. As usual, theirs was a beautiful, polished performance.    
Dave Harbottle and Freya Jonas delivered a beautiful hour. If you want to see how to SING and play a concertina AND a harmonium at the same time, don't miss Freya in this "Was it You" clip Stu Grant A short snippet of Stu Grant (ex P45) in a debut solo gig at the Crabshell Concert, Kingsbridge 27 February 2020. Powerful, beautiful vocal, well received. OFFSHOOTS A small snippet from "Offshoots" opening number at the Crabshell Concert 27 February 2020. Beautiful harmony and accompaniment.
"Folk on the Rock" (Janet, John, Paul & Adrian) perform "Fiesta" against the beautiful backdrop of the Kingsbridge Estuary (1 July 2018) Video Kate Herring Si Barron sings "Polly on the Shore" at the November 2018 concert with intricate guitar accompaniment. A stunning arrangement. A medley of all the performers at the 24 January 2019 concert. Mick Loates, Cool Beanz, Phil Kennerell and Acorn Shakers.
At his 90th birthday party, John West was invited to sing "Fields of Gold" with Silvington. They all did a cracking job and it's an emotional rendition. At the 22 February 2018 concert, Paul Reid was accompanied by Nigel & Sarah Sture on this haunting ballad "As I came by from Huntley Town" Janet & John at the Crabshell Concert on 22 February 2018. With John accompanying on melodeon, Janet sang "Flowers of the Valley"
At the November 2016 concert, "Silvington" (John Connor & Tricia Moore) treated us to a superb arrangement of "Mirabeau Bridge" by Sam Larkin. A delightful set of mainly original music and song delivered by Owly Dave & Whistling Paddy delighted a packed Crabshell audience on 23 November 2017 The Orchard Family from "The Moor" brought their tradition to the concert on 23 November 2017. A great show from Tom, Ashley & Jean..
Some stunning clips of Phil Kennerell's performance in March 2016.
The full Rumpus Ceildh band in concert April 2016. From left: Sarah Sture, Nigel Sture, Steve Verge. Paul Reid in concert at the Crabshell 13 October 2016.
It was great to see Ian Feetenby doing a solo spot with a couple of great covers; "The White Hare" and "Crazy Boy" (10 March 2016) Feetenby Junior (Jake) showed us what he had to offer at the 10 March concert. There's more to come from this talented young performer. Patrick Barton local Jazz/Spanish guitarist extraordinaire play all the right notes in the right order and even did some Blues on 10 March concert.
Just a glimpse of a couple of Whalers' classics. Re-united February 2016 for a Crabshell concert. The Storm Uk live at a Crabshell Concert February 2016. From a great set. Jane and Gill pulled out all the stops to entertain at a February 2016 Crabshell Concert.
Snippets from a superb set by Vertigo Unplugged (Iona Vallance (fiddle) & Quinn James) at a Crabshell FREE concert, January 2016 The Fabulous Misfits entertained unplugged at the November 2015 Crabshell concert. Great set. Cath & Phil Tyler have dropped into several Crabshell sessions. This beautful song was recorded in 2009.
George dares to read a poem on contraception and gets a right booing. Brenda sings a traditional version of the House of the Rising Sun accompanied by Ted Paul & Adrian did an impromptu couple of hours in the Bishop & Wolf (Scilly). Here's a recording of 7 Spanish Angels
Neil performing Coal Black Blues Tony sings a song about welcoming folk from London to Devon called Devon Dumplings Paul attempts Hoochie Coochie Man
Paul & Adrian sing Honky Tonk Women at Adam's Fish & Chips (Scilly) A Storm UK sampler. Preview of their album Into the Eye Old Gaffers. One of their first of many performances in the Victoria Inn, Salcombe
Geoff Rood entertaining at a Crabshell session in 2009 The Weevils visit the South Hams on holiday. Here they play I've got my Mojo working with John on T-Bass and Paul (piano) Yvonne & The Weevils. Impromptu recording of "Ain't Misbehavin' " sometime in 2009
Nigel & Les (Bollards) play a couple of tunes on guitar & melodian Enrico/Twin sisters Neil performs his version of Man of Constant Sorrow Martin & Tony (The Whalers) perform the Nutting Song

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